Why Wish Bracelets Are The Perfect Gifts For Your Friends

A friendship is unlike any other relationship. Friends help us feel more connected in our communities, increase our feelings of self-worth, and even help us live longer healthier lives! Without them, we’d spend more time alone and live a much-less fulfilled life as a result. That’s why we should treat them with gifts every once in a while - they deserve it!

Gifts can come in all forms and sizes, but they do not need to be extravagant to make an impact. One of the most sentimental friendship gifts of all time has to be the classic Best Friend Bracelet. Since being kids on the playground, best friend jewellery has been capturing hearts and making friendships stronger. As adults, many of us still remember the thrill, excitement and love you feel when your friend unexpectedly makes the big gesture of declaring your friendship above all. Why wouldn’t you want to replicate that feeling with a friend now? 

Our collection of Wish Bracelets is not just a cute way to show you care about your friendship, but they also show your friend how well you know them with a design themed around their favourite hobby. Here are just a few reasons why our Wish Bracelets make the perfect gift for your friends. 

They Cement Your Friendships

If someone you care about is having a tough time, little surprises to brighten their day can take your friendship to a new level and remind them that you are there to support them. Friendship jewellery gifts like this one are less about the quality and worth of the jewellery and more about what it actually represents instead. Monetary value has no place in a friendship, and giving big and expensive gifts could make things difficult if your loved one is unable to return the gesture. Wish Bracelets are more personal. They carry more meaning than any other jewellery would and are clear signifiers of your friendship.  

They Can Be Tailored To Them

Another great thing about Wish Bracelets is they can be tailored to your friend’s interests! Whether that be Running, Swimming, Yoga, or anything else, you’ll be sure to find the perfect best friend gift bracelets on our website! It can be something themed around something they really enjoy, and even include their favourite colour. People always like to showcase the things they love most, so instead of getting them a generic gift, treat them to something they’ll love and wear with pride. This will 100% be appreciated, and it shows how in tune you two are as friends if you tailor it to them! 

They Come In Many Variations 

Monty&Ridge has so many different variations of Friend Wish Bracelets available for you. For example, there are the Marathon Runner’s Wish Bracelet, Friendship Wish Bracelet, Sea Lover’s Wish Bracelet, and so many more. Each one has its own meaning and cute message, making them the perfect gift for friends’ birthdays. Whatever the occasion is, we have dozens of charms as well as various thread colours like Cream, Peach, Aqua Blue, Navy and Black. If they’re someone who wears colourful clothes, match them with Peach - or Black if they prefer the more understated aesthetic!

They’re Budget-Friendly & Cheerful 

For just £5.95, you can’t really go wrong! These bracelets are fantastic stocking fillers for Christmas and lovely little keepsakes for Birthdays. With the cost of living crisis impacting everyone at the moment, they are a lovely way to show that you are thinking about them without breaking the bank. Also, when we receive expensive jewellery, we’ll be less likely to use them in order to keep them safe from harm! Cheerful gifts like these will get used more and be used and cherished!

They’re Ideal For Any Occasion

Got an upcoming birthday? What about their anniversary or a farewell party? Bestie just had a baby? Whatever the occasion may be, our Friendship Wish Bracelets make the best gifts! With these sentimental and meaningful accessories, your friends will cherish and adore them as they’re personal, gorgeous, and simple. The messages that come with them also make an extra difference as they’re impactful, emotional, and real.  

They’re Very Easy To Customise

There are no limits when it comes to wish bracelets. We deliberately made their slim, sleek and tasteful design to be stacked, so you could treat your friend to several designs or even get them a new one to add to their collection every year! You can get different colour threads so they can mix and match them with all their different outfits, or simply pick different charms and messages every year. They can become a really fun tradition!  

Treat Them To The Monty&Ridge Wish Bracelet They Deserve!

Monty&Ridge is jam-packed with unique, quirky and meaningful Letterbox Gifts that are designed around popular hobbies, interests and occasions! Our gorgeous Wish Bracelets made the perfect addition to our Letterbox Gifts and are a great way to treat yourself or surprise a loved one! If you have a friend you’d like to spoil, visit our website to browse our selection!

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