Top 5 Fitness Gifts For Gym Lovers In 2022

During Autumn, the weather changes as the temperature inevitably drops and the nights draw in with Winter fast approaching. We’ve already had some stormy conditions and strong gales, and as a result, a lot of the outdoor sports and activities we enjoyed during the summer have become impossible to do. At this time of year, many people find that the gym is their way to stay fit and active without getting fully drenched in the rain!

If you have a friend or family member’s birthday coming up (or simply want to surprise them!), then getting them something tailored to their hobbies, like going to the gym, is an easy way to ensure you give them something useful that they will love.

But there are so many gym-related gifts out there. Which do you choose? Well, we’ve put together a list of our top five fitness gifts for gym lovers to make it easier for you to find them the perfect present.

  • SmartWatches

 Perhaps the most popular fitness gift of 2022, SmartWatches provide so much worth and are incredibly useful for gym bunnies. Depending on the brand, they can track workouts, heart rates, and sleeping patterns, log your weight, track calories, and help your loved ones to monitor their overall fitness progress! If their SmartWatch is in desperate need of an upgrade, be sure to treat them for their birthday - it’s well worth it!

Not only are SmartWatches perfect for the Autumn, but they’ll get used throughout the entirety of the year too! Whether they’re an Android or iOS user, there are plenty of choices out there. Fall detection and advanced heart rate monitoring come with some of these devices, and you can even take calls or listen to music on them! They are a more expensive gift, but one that will surely be loved and treasured for years to come. 

  • Wish Bracelets

For a more budget-friendly gift, Wish Bracelets are lovely, sentimental and highly personal. In our collection of Wish Bracelets, you can pick one that reflects your friend’s favourite pastime - either general fitness, the gym, or even more niche things like wild swimming or yoga! They are delicate and cute and can show that you have really put some effort into finding them a personal present.

Our ‘If It Doesn’t Challenge You, It Won’t Change You’ Gym Lover’s Wish Bracelet features a metal charm in the shape of a dumbbell - and the thread comes in many different colours to choose from! Our ‘Just Breathe’ Yoga Mindful Wish Bracelet, on the other hand, features a metal charm of a lotus flower in order to indicate their love for Yoga instead! The potential is endless as we have so many designs, and they are a purse-friendly way to show you care.

  • Massage Guns

When you’re aching and tired after a long gym session or workout, a Massage Gun is a great way to relieve tension and irritated muscular pain. On rest days, these innovative machines can come to the rescue and deliver a much-needed service that can only be matched by a real massage in a salon! As a result, they’ve now become very popular. 

So whether you are desperately Googling “best fitness gifts for her” or “best fitness gifts for him”, Massage Guns are sure to be at the top of most lists as they’re highly sought after. Once again, these are a more extravagant gift, but they could lead to long-term savings on traditional sports massages!

  • Gym-Themed Letterbox Gifts

Another thoughtful present you could get is a Letterbox Gift with a fitness, gym, or yoga theme! Fitness gift ideas can be hard to come by, and often your loved ones already have everything they need, so surprising them with a hamper of useful, adorable and fitness-focused treats can be a lovely way to brighten their day. These health and fitness gift hampers can include a little bit of everything and feel like a gift that keeps on giving!

For example, our Ultimate Fitness Letterbox Gift has a large pack of handmade bath salts, coffee for a caffeine kick, vegan sweets, luxury eco shampoo and shower gel, a padlock for their gym locker, emergency hairbands, a protein snack and protein sachet for recovery. Letterbox Gifts make for one of the best fitness gifts of 2022 due to the incredible value and flexibility - you can send one from anywhere in the world!

  • Foam Rollers

Lastly, an essential fitness gift for 2022 is a simple but classic Foam Roller. Foam Rollers are very underrated and provide so many benefits for fitness and gym lovers. Muscle pain can be eased, your range of motion can be boosted, and you’ll even see a temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite all in one - not to mention it also relieves back pain!

After a tough workout, this fitness gift provides that much-needed relaxation, ensuring you don’t pick up any injuries or muscle tension. Many gym-goers tend not to own Foam Rollers, but they’re incredibly useful nonetheless. If this is something that they don’t already own, it could make their life much easier and be a fabulous gift! 

Treat Them To The Monty&Ridge Letterbox Gift They Deserve!

Monty&Ridge is jam-packed with unique, quirky and meaningful Letterbox Gifts that are absolutely perfect for everyone! Letterbox Gifts can be a treat to yourself, or used as a present to surprise your loved one and bring a smile to their face! So, be sure to send them some love and get in touch for further details - or visit our website to browse our selection!

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