Letterbox Gifts

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At Monty&Ridge, we take gifting to the next level with our charming letterbox-friendly hampers. Letterbox-friendly hampers from Monty&Ridge are specifically-designed to fit through the letterbox and are the perfect gift to send to say congratulations, happy birthday, get well soon or simply I’m thinking of you. Whether it's a heartfelt Merry Christmas, a joyful birthday greeting, a get well soon message, or simply an "I'm thinking of you," our letterbox gifts are crafted with thoughtfulness and care, and are the perfect way to send a gift without worrying about your recipient being at home to receive it.

Don't let the size of our letterbox gifts deceive you. Every Monty&Ridge hamper, regardless of its size, is packed with a collection of quality gifts that will make any recipient feel cherished. From sports items for the active adventurer to pamper gifts for relaxation, our range of letterbox-friendly hampers ensures there's something for everyone. A letterbox gift is perfect for friends, family, or colleagues, making it a versatile and thoughtful choice for any occasion. The nature of the size of letterbox gifts means they are more affordable than larger gift hampers. This makes them the perfect gift to send to someone just to stay in touch or say I’m thinking of you. Each beautifully presented letterbox gift box is packed to perfection, complete with a decorative paper lining, equally suitable to delight a loved one or to impress a corporate client.

You could send a recipient a delightful congratulations letterbox gift, to let them know you’re fully behind them, cheering them on and supporting them. Everyone has moments in their life that need to be celebrated, so whether it’s a new job, a successful exam result or a wedding engagement, we have ideal gifts for every occasion. While a card is always a nice gesture, we know that you want to go above and beyond when it comes to congratulating your friends, loved ones and colleagues on their good news, and we’ve got just the thing! Add to their joy, and say congratulations with a gift hamper that lets them know they’re not celebrating alone. We only work with the finest suppliers for all of our handmade congratulations letterbox gifts to ensure that your gift stands out amongst the competition.

As outdoor sports enthusiasts, we bring our passion for adventure to our gift selection. Not only do we offer a delightful range of letterbox gifts, but we also specialise in outdoor sports gifts, making us the go-to destination for all the runners, cyclists, and swimmers in your life. Our unique assortment of outdoor sports-themed hampers is perfect for those who embrace an active lifestyle and appreciate thoughtful gifts that complement their interests. You could send a sports-mad friend or family member a gift that will help with their cycling, swimming or running, whether it’s to motivate them in their training, encourage them to keep up a hobby, or say congratulations on their big race! Pairing the letterbox gift with a motivational slogan or wish bracelet can also add to the meaning and personality of the gift.

Each letterbox gift box is meticulously wrapped to perfection, complete with a decorative paper lining, making it equally suitable for delighting a loved one or impressing a corporate client. The compact size of our letterbox hampers makes them an affordable gift option, and their reduced dimensions result in more affordable delivery charges compared to larger hampers. This makes them the perfect gifts to stay connected, convey your heartfelt thoughts, or simply bring a smile.

To add an extra touch of warmth and love, every hamper from Monty&Ridge can be personalised with a unique message. Whether it's a heartfelt message for a birthday, a special occasion, or simply a delightful surprise, we ensure your message is printed in a gift card attached to the outside of the package. The letterbox gifts are sent in their decorated carton without any further exterior packaging, allowing the recipient to find your personalised note as they unbox the thoughtful present.

We take great care to ensure that your letterbox gifts arrive in perfect condition. Our letterbox hampers are sent in carefully wrapped packaging and placed in sturdy cardboard to protect them during transit, guaranteeing they will reach your loved ones intact and ready for a delightful discovery. And just like our larger hampers, we offer a range of delivery options for our letterbox gifts. Please note that letterbox gifts are treated as 'large letters' in the post, which means they will not have tracking information as standard. However, we take pride in our reliable and efficient delivery service to ensure your letterbox hampers reach their destination promptly and securely.

Experience the joy of gifting with our exquisite selection of letterbox-friendly hampers. Celebrate life's precious moments with thoughtful, personalised gifts that bring happiness and warmth to your loved ones' hearts. Whether they are outdoor sports enthusiasts or simply in need of a thoughtful gesture, our letterbox gifts are guaranteed to make any occasion extra special. Unwrap a world of gifting possibilities with Monty&Ridge and surprise your favourite people with the perfect presents to treasure.