5 Unique Ways To Surprise Friends & Family On Their Birthday

We all have a few friends or family members that we can rely on, and when their birthday is on the horizon, you want to make the day extra special by coming up with unique surprises that they’ll love! 

Perhaps they have had the “Birthday Blues” in the past, and you’re trying to cheer them up. Maybe they’ve simply had too many similar presents in the past, and you want to give them something a bit more exciting. Or, perhaps they’ve been having a difficult time recently, and you want to make their birthday extra special. Well, here are 5 unique ways you can organise a birthday surprise that will leave them smiling.

Public Birthday Message 

Although some people may think this is a little bit “cringe”, a public birthday message is a lovely and thoughtful tribute that they’ll never see coming! For example, you can get a birthday shout-out on Heart FM. It’s a nice touch that can help start the day off well for them. Or, if they’re a football fan, a birthday message at the game is something they’ll also adore! Everton FC, for example, offers an extra special programme announcement, a Goodison Park stadium announcement, and a Big Screen message for you to choose from. If it so happens to be their birthday on the day you’re going, this can be an amazing present that helps make their day even more memorable!

Surprise Holiday Trip 

Looking for the birthday surprise of a lifetime? Budget no concern? A surprise trip would really blow your loved one away! This is a particularly popular birthday surprise for milestone birthdays. Organising everything prior and finding plenty of things to do on the day will make their birthday one to remember - that’s for sure. Not only that but there are plenty of fun ways to reveal a surprise birthday trip! Just make sure to pack their luggage the night before you go! 

Fly In A Loved One 

Lots of us have loved ones living overseas who can’t always visit due to how expensive it is. However, to make your friend or family member’s day incredibly special, you could fly in their loved one and have them be the birthday surprise they’ve always wanted! Long-distance family relationships are difficult. Tech is typically used to stay connected. But there’s nothing like seeing each other in the flesh to really understand how much you love each other. So, instead of buying your friend or family member a gift, help to arrange a surprise reunion. The number of times they see each other may be limited, which makes this a birthday surprise gift to remember! 

Treat Them Like Royalty

As it’s their birthday only once a year, this could be the day that you treat them like they’re royalty - being sure to do everything they need so they don’t have to lift a finger at all on their big day! Treat them to a makeover, a shopping spree, or spend the morning having tea and scones together. Whatever you can think of, go the extra mile and make them feel special and extra important. Surprising best friends with birthday gifts can be lovely, but spending time with them can mean so much more. It’s simple, easy to do, and great fun for you both!

Letterbox Gifts Delivered On The Day

Start their day off right by having a Monty&Ridge Letterbox Gift delivered on the morning of their birthday! As our gift hampers can be posted through a letterbox and don’t require a signature, you don’t need to let your loved one know to expect a parcel or ask them to wait at home for delivery. We have plenty of Birthday Letterbox Gifts for you to choose from. Whether it’s a Pamper Hamper or a Mindfulness Letterbox Gift, our gift hampers are packed with gorgeous treats that are sure to be appreciated and loved! Monty&Ridge Letterbox Gifts are fantastic, unique birthday surprises that can 100% be tailored to your friend's or family member’s interests! Whether they are vegans that love wild swimming or adventurers who can’t get enough of running, we have hampers designed around their interests and packed with goodies they will love. 

Treat Them To The Monty&Ridge Letterbox Gift They Deserve!

Monty&Ridge is jam-packed with unique, quirky and meaningful Letterbox Gifts that are absolutely perfect for everyone! Letterbox Gifts can be a treat to yourself or used as a present to surprise your loved one and bring a smile to their face! So, be sure to send them some love and get in touch for further details - or visit our website to browse our selection!

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