5 Best Cycling Gifts Of 2022

Cycling can be an incredibly tough endurance sport. Once you start properly getting into it, not only do you have to be super fit and healthy, but you also need the mental capacity to stick with your cycling routine - even during the colder wintery months and the boiling hot summer days. It’s safe to say that those who participate in this hobby are in desperate need of a nice gift every now and then!

At Monty&Ridge, we know cycling like the back of our hand. We know the feeling of the rain on our faces and the sweat building up under our helmets! As we are avid cyclists, we thought it would be useful to put together a guide on our favourite cycling gifts of 2022.

  •  Training Clothes

Every cyclist hates useless training clothes. Anything that doesn’t provide some form of comfort or protection against chafing while riding is something they simply won’t want. That’s why if you are looking to treat them to some new cycling clothes, you should get them the best quality products out there, such as padded socks for when they're pedalling along, a new pair of gloves for better grip, or light and comfy bike shoes.

If you are keen to get them some new training clothes, it’s probably better not to try to surprise them. Speak with your loved one and ask if they have a preference on brand or style, as most cyclists do have a type that they navigate towards. For the summer, you could gift them some airy clothes that ensure they stay cool when it matters most. Or you can buy lightweight waterproofs for the wet, horrible days. However, don’t get caught out by the large price tags many clothing brands ask for. Do your research first, and make sure your loved one will actually use them!

  • Letterbox Gifts

Moving onto something very different but just as useful, Letterbox Gifts can be a great way to surprise your loved one on a budget! We have designed a collection of Letterbox Gifts that focus purely on goodies that cyclists would love. We’ve partnered with countless small businesses to find the best cycling treats on the market and brought them together into our adorable, luxury gift hampers. Need to unwind after a long ride? Then why not have a nice cup of herbal tea?! Muscles aching? Jump in the bath with our luxury Epsom salts. Worried about chafing? Not to fear, our anti-chafe cream can protect your skin from even the most gruelling cycling session We’ve thought of everything!

  • Personalised Medal Display 

There is an abundance of personalised items out there on the marketplace, but one gift that is sure to go down well is a personalised medal display. Nobody really knows what to do with their medals, and if your friend keeps them stuck in a box in the attic, this can help them to showcase them with pride. Not only is this a thoughtful gift, but it’s a unique one at that. It helps to commemorate their love for cycling and gives them a reminder every day of how much they have already achieved.

  • Wish Bracelets

Looking for something small but meaningful for your cycling buddy? A Wish Bracelet could be the perfect gift. They are budget-friendly, cheerful presents that can be cherished and loved forever! The best part about them is that you can get several and let them mix and match, or you could get a matching bracelet for yourself at the same time. 

Maybe they adore cycling but also equally enjoy doing triathlons. If that’s the case for you, then get a Cyclist’s Wish Bracelet and Triathlon Wish Bracelet combo! Wear them on either hand - or both on one - to showcase their true love for cycling. The charms included could even be added to other bracelets if they so wish to. There are lots to love!

  •  Cycling SmartTech

Lastly, for a more extravagant gift, some SmartTech for various cycling needs such as a Smartwatch, cycle computer, or an indoor bike could be a great surprise. Although expensive, these types of gadgets will be sure to help them out with their training and improve their personal best times. 

Many different types of clothing and gear can be upgraded to SmartTech, making sure that they’re fully decked out and ready for the next cycling session. Be sure to look for technology that can be used with their bike as well. This could be a fingerprint bike lock, tail lights or anything else that could do with a big upgrade or two in their current set-up. 

Treat Them To A Monty&Ridge Letterbox Gift!

Monty&Ridge is jam-packed with unique, quirky and meaningful Letterbox Gifts that are absolutely perfect for bike-lovers! Whether you are looking for a birthday surprise or a Christmas gift, we are confident that you will find the perfect present on our website.

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