The Best 3 Gifts For Yoga Lovers

Yoga is taking the UK by storm! Currently, just under half a million Brits attend yoga classes each week, and there are yoga YouTube channels with millions of followers that grow more every day. When all you need is a mat, yoga is an easy and accessible way to increase strength, flexibility and balance. It’s also beneficial for those with high blood pressure, heart disease, aches, and pains. The only problem is when you’re faced with buying a gift for a yoga enthusiast, unlike football or running, there doesn’t tend to be as many obvious present ideas.

So how can we treat those yoga enthusiasts in our lives?

Well, we have to think outside the box and either understand how their experience can be elevated or what items we can give them that show we appreciate and understand their love for their favourite activity.

In order to help, we’ve used our wealth of yoga knowledge to find the three very best Gifts For Yoga Lovers: 

Florensi Meditation Cushion - £106.72

Why you should buy this yoga gift:

  • Multi-functional
  • Different colours
  • Luxurious and beautiful
  • Provides support and comfort

Firstly, don’t get confused by the name; this Florensi “Meditation” Cushion can also be used for yoga. It is a stylish tool that helps to improve posture. Priced at over £100, this is a perfect gift if you are looking for something luxurious or premium for a yoga lover’s birthday, anniversary or even as a Christmas present (get it in early!).

It’s also an alternative to a traditional yoga mat. If your friend has been complaining about their mat being too uncomfortable or too thin for their liking, this Meditation Cushion could be the upgrade they’re looking for. It provides all the functions of a yoga mat, with the added bonus of allowing you to meditate in style and comfort! The ergonomic design is perfect for everybody too.

For those who are eco-friendly, you’ll be pleased to know that the filling is made from 100% buckwheat - a sustainable material that’s used for many other products, including soft toys, draft excluders and door stops. They can rest assured that they aren’t impacting the planet while striking those poses! 

Bala Blue Weighted Resistance Exercise Bands - £50

Why you should buy this yoga gift:

  • One size fits all
  • Incredibly useful
  • Quality design and materials
  • Easy to clean, sweatproof and odour proof

Although this may make their yoga experience more challenging, it will also ensure that their performance is improved dramatically. This product can be worn either on their wrists or ankles, depending on the yoga exercise that they are doing. It also can be used for running or a fresh morning stroll; essentially, they will feel the burn on their next yoga session for sure!

We find these Exercise Bands to be sleek in their design and very comfortable to wear. They don’t add an uncomfortable amount of resistance, but just enough for you to feel the effect, and they come highly recommended by everyone who has bought them so far. As an addition to a workout, these Exercise Bands are pretty much perfect in every sense - they’re simple, easy to use, and super effective as well.

There is so much to like here when choosing a gift for a yoga lover! The amount of use they’ll get is also important since they will surely take these out during every session moving forwards! There’s no way you can go wrong with these beauties.

Monty & Ridge Yoga Letterbox Gift - £18.95 / £20.95 / £29.95

Why you should buy this yoga gift:

  • Bespoke and thoughtful
  • It can be personalised for free!
  • Three different gift sizes are available
  • Jam-packed with useful treats and goodies

Lastly, we have the most affordable and universally loved yoga gift on the list. Our letterbox gifts for yoga beginners, teachers and fans come in three different forms - rising from the Mini Yoga Letterbox Gift to the Yoga Letterbox Gift and then finally the Ultimate Yoga Letterbox Gift

Whatever the occasion, these gifts will be a hit as they are packed with useful treats and eco-friendly products. Any true yoga lover will know that they always need more bobbles - especially during downward dog! After a long, hard day or even a tiring yoga session, our bath salts are absolutely divine. Our team has handpicked every single item in all three of our yoga letterboxes, and we have, where possible, selected vegan or cruelty-free products.

Want to add that extra touch of pizazz? Then include a free personalised message along with your order; we will even handwrite your words to make it extra special. In terms of thoughtfulness, you cannot get better than that! Yoga lovers everywhere will equally love our letterbox gifts!

Find out what else we have available.

At Monty&Ridge, our store is jam-packed with gifts perfect for the yoga lover in your life! Yoga accessory gifts are hard to come by nowadays and are often generic or tacky, but we are the one-stop-shop you need for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and any other special occasion you can imagine.

Find out more on our website today, or get in touch if you need any further assistance.

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