5 Gifts Any Runner Will Love!

Sometimes, finding the best gifts for runners can be incredibly difficult. They may generally be hard to buy for, already have everything they need, or straight up can’t think of anything they want! However, even though the sport is super simple (really, you only need a pair of trainers), there is A LOT of equipment that can elevate their experience and performance to the max!

But what running gifts are unique and useful enough to impress them? Whether they’re a track star and gravitate towards track gifts, or they’re your average athlete who just likes to jog, our runner gift guide will have something they’ll adore!

Five Gifts Any Runner Would Love:

  1. Running Gloves

A common complaint we hear from many runners is that their hands get really cold when they are running outdoors. Running gloves are incredibly important and can make a huge difference to their enjoyment - especially during the colder months! 

But when it comes to picking a good pair of gloves, you want to consider what other features they might benefit from. For example, a pair of touchscreen running gloves would really help athletes who use mobile apps like Strava or Spotify while out on a run. Running gloves are a gift your loved one is sure to find very useful, and they’ll make those cold wintery runs a lot more enjoyable.

  1. Blister Resistant Socks

Next, we have another essential but innovative gift. When it comes to running accessory gifts, blister resistant socks should definitely be considered - a gift from the heavens, no less! All runners will experience the agony of blisters at some point. It’s inevitable. So a product that prevents them is sure to go down a treat!

If you know your loved ones' shoe size, you can find blister resistant socks online or in running shops. Usually, they’re padded around the heel and ankle - a notorious area of discomfort for many runners out there - and use materials that prevent slipping. It’s a good idea to get a few pairs as they’re going to be using these beauties all the time!

They’ll be thanking you in no time!

  1. Runner Bracelet

From something useful to something unique, why not treat them to a bracelet commemorating their love for running?! Our bracelets at Monty&Ridge come in a variety of different running designs, colours and can even be paired with a personalised message (don’t worry, our handwritten messages are completely free!). So whether they run marathons, on track, or even just to help them stay fit, we have a bracelet for everyone! Not only that, but they are super affordable as well. Perhaps you could mix and match them to highlight their overall love for running, or you could celebrate an achievement, such as completing a Couch to 5k Run. These gifts are touching, quirky, and memorable; you’ll easily make their day and then some!

  1. Phone Armband/Chestband

Pair up those touchscreen gloves with either a phone armband or chest band. We all love to exercise to the beat of our favourite tunes, and that’s the same for runners. The problem many runners face is that their phone slips out of their pocket, or is hard to pull out of their leggings mid-run, meaning that when their Spotify sends them from listening to Eye of the Tiger to slow love songs, they have to stop to change the track.

There are some versions of these products which also allow you to store other items - such as those aforementioned gloves! It can be convenient having one item on you that can store everything you need when you go for a run, ask any runner, and they’ll agree. So be sure to pick one that’s not too bulky and think of comfort. Nobody wants a heavy backpack when they are running!

  1. Letterbox Gift

Finally, if you’re looking for something really cute and thoughtful that they definitely won’t already own, then check out our letterbox gifts - perfect for anyone and everyone out there who loves to run! Our running letterbox gifts contain lovely, bespoke items that can be useful in many different ways to runners. For example, your gift could contain a nutritious protein snack and sachet for a protein shake or even hair bobbles!

It’s a thoughtful gift that will surely be appreciated if it’s their birthday, an anniversary, or just as a surprise to thank someone for being awesome. These gifts won’t be left on the side unused. We pride ourselves on building mini hampers that are actually useful and memorable!

Make their day even more special, and pick up a letterbox gift today!

What else do Monty&Ridge do?

At Monty&Ridge, our store is jam-packed with gifts that are designed to enable people to send presents that encourage adventure! Whether it’s wild swimming, yoga or running, hobby-focused gifts that are meaningful and useful are hard to come by nowadays. We wanted to become the one-stop shop you need for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and any other special occasion you can imagine.

Find out more on our website today, or get in touch if you need any further assistance.

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