Personalised Gifts: Corny or Classy?

Did you know that around 21 million Brits receive a gift they do not want? That totals over £5 billion in presents that aren’t loved or appreciated. This fact is made even worse when you take into consideration the recent trend of personalised gifts, which removes the ability to even recycle them by regifting them to someone else! 

Well, we’ve all had that horrific moment of realisation after gifting someone an unwanted present before. The sheer amount of cringe and embarrassment is overwhelming; we just want to crawl up in a ball and hide just to get away from it! Whether it’s a teddy bear with their name on it or a funny personalised mug that turned out to not be that funny, most people have suffered this awkwardness at some point. We’ve been there, and we hated it. It’s part of the reason we started Monty&Ridge because we wanted to make sending personalised gifts a better experience for both the recipient and the receiver. We know a thing or two about good personalised gifts, so here are a few tips from us on how you can pick ones that are classy - not corny!

Show that you have gone the extra mile.

The global market for Personalised Gifts was valued at an astounding £23.32 billion in 2020. By the end of this year in 2022, that number will supposedly reach a whopping £58.05 billion! As this number rises, it shows how important personalisation is to our gifting patterns nowadays. Long gone are the times when we could simply panic-buy a present for someone without a personal touch added to it. Everyone wants to make an impact with their gift and leave the recipient feeling valued, appreciated and seen. When it’s done right, it can be brilliant and show how much you truly care. 

Treat novelty gifts with caution.

One type of personalised gift that often doesn’t go down well is the Novelty Gift. 

Personalised novelty gifts can come across as quite tacky and even cheap. Even though they may gain a quick laugh, they are often quickly relegated to the charity shop pile or a shelf where they will gather dust. Most novelty gifts don’t really have a practical function other than to be amusing for a few seconds. Soon after they’ve served their purpose, there isn’t very much you can do with them! We believe that the best personalised gifts are useful from day one to day one hundred and one, or something that will be used up and appreciated. There is nothing worse than trying to find a place to store something you don’t really want or need, so make your gifts useful.

Before making any purchases, you should really evaluate the item. Ask if you would like to receive it and make sure it’ll actually be wanted. 

Pick personalised gifts that show you know them well.

A personalised gift has to show that you really care as it’s based on a matter of emotions. Getting them something that works with their favourite hobby is one such way to do this. Do they like running? How about cycling? Or it could even be something to do with Yoga! Whatever they like, aim to play upon it as it’s surely something that they will get use out of and love. That connection to the gift is what makes it that extra bit special and as a result, they can be more personal to them than a mug with their name on it!

Another important thing to remember is to take their dietary requirements into consideration. Have they turned vegan or perhaps vegetarian recently? Then make sure that they can enjoy your gift! Sending a chocolate hamper to your cousin who just found out she is lactose intolerant wouldn’t go down well and could actually make her feel lousy. But by taking the time to check, you could send high-quality tasty vegan sweets that would make her week.  

Just remember that good personalised gifts are about showing how well you know the person you are gifting - not that you know their name, star sign and birth date.

Why are Monty&Ridge Letterbox Gifts personal and classy at the same time?

Straddling the line between personalised and classy is a tough ask, but one we are more than qualified to provide here at Monty&Ridge with our range of Personalised Letterbox Gifts!

With each and every Letterbox Gift, we can include a handwritten note (with a maximum of 150 characters) completely free of charge. This allows you to inject a little bit of you into their gift! We’ve seen funny poems, heartfelt messages and even inside jokes that only the two of you can understand. It’s a wonderful way to really add that extra personal element.

On top of that, our Letterbox Gifts are all based on either specific activities, like swimming, wellness, such as our mindfulness boxes, or special occasions, like birthdays. Whatever the occasion or recipient, we are sure one of our Personalised Letterbox Gifts is perfect for them.

Not only that but they’re great value for money too! Each of our boxes is packed with delights, from handcrafted bath salts and bath bombs to protein snacks and vegan sweets. We have lovingly created our range of gifts to ensure that they make a big impact and are filled with items anyone would love and be grateful for.

Join us here at Monty&Ridge in our fight against tacky and unloved gifts and welcome in the era of presents that please!

Find out more on our website today, or get in touch if you need any further assistance.

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