Why Letterbox Gifts Are Ideal For Every Occasion

It goes without saying that special occasions deserve special gifts. Not another box of chocolates or more pairs of socks. Unexpected gift choices can be a memorable experience for both the gifter and the receiver, so try to be extra original and think outside of the box. But often, finding something different is a challenge, and we resort back to the classic go-to gifts. 

Themed letterbox hampers can offer a fresh and exciting present and can be delivered straight to your loved one’s door for a wonderful and unexpected surprise. They are super versatile and perfect for every occasion! They are also available at a variety of price points, so you can find something for any budget. Read on to discover why Letterbox Gifts are the perfect option for any occasion.

Letterbox Gifts Are Affordable 

If you need a gift but are a bit strapped for cash, a Letterbox Hamper is a fantastic option that is both affordable and packed with value! Since everybody loves a good treat, having a bunch of them rolled up all in one bigger gift is something that is bound to be loved. Our Ultimate Get Well Soon Letterbox Gift, for example, contains a multitude of lovely little presents and costs just over £20 - providing great value while also being a nice and thoughtful pick-me-up! It really is a gift that keeps on giving, packed with goodies like delicious vegan sweets and our homemade bath salts for a much-deserved soak. When we feel down, a simple gift like this can bring so much joy and happiness to our lives!

Letterbox Gifts Are Perfect All-Year-Round 

There are plenty of gifts that are time specific. For Christmas, garish Xmas jumpers are a common go-to, as are festive beauty sets and fluffy socks with Santa or snowmen on. For Birthdays, money is one of the most typical ‘gifts’ you’ll see, but it’s so impersonal! These typical gifts often lack personality and often end up relegated to the back of the wardrobe when the festive period ends. Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Anniversaries, or simply as Thank-you gifts - Letterbox Gifts are perfect no matter what the occasion is. We have a wide range of hampers designed for different occasions, like New Baby Gifts, Get Well Presents etc., and also a range focusing on interests rather than events, so you can spend less time searching for that ‘perfect’ gift!

Letterbox Gifts Can Be Delivered Anywhere

When your loved ones are living overseas, or you are currently travelling yourself, it’s easy to miss occasions and struggle to find presents for them. Our Letterbox Gifts can be delivered internationally and ordered from anywhere in the world. Letterbox Gifts are the easiest and best way to send gifts in the mail. Considering they are simply slotted through the letterbox without requiring a signature, you can rest easy knowing that their presents will get there in time - faff-free! 

Letterbox Gifts Can Be Tailored To Likes & Interests

Does your loved one have a specific hobby? Are they vegan or vegetarian? Will they enjoy a gift that complements their passion? Whether any of the three applies, personalised presents come in many different forms and prove to be the most heart-warming gifts of them all. At Monty&Ridge, for example, we have Letterbox Gifts designed around certain hobbies like wild swimming, yoga and running. We even have corporate gifts available too!

Letterbox Gifts Are Available In A Multitude Of Variations

 The fact that Letterbox Gifts can be personalised in such a detailed way, the number of variations there can be is endless. For example, we have the Letterbox Pamper Hamper, Ultimate Letterbox Pamper Hamper, Ultimate Letterbox Vegan Pamper Hamper, Ultimate Letterbox Birthday Pamper Hamper, and the Ultimate Letterbox New Mum Pamper Hamper. Not to mention the variations for running, cycling, triathlons and more! Perhaps they love running and are vegan. If so, a Letterbox Gift themed around running and one around veganism can make for an excellent gift! Personalisation is a key element surrounding gifts nowadays, and all of our Letterbox Gifts include free handwritten messages. You simply let us know what you would like to say, and we will write it onto a gorgeous message card for that extra personal touch.

Treat Them To The Monty&Ridge Letterbox Gift They Deserve!

Monty&Ridge is jam-packed with unique, quirky and meaningful Letterbox Gifts that are absolutely perfect for everyone! Letterbox Gifts can be a treat to yourself or used as a present to surprise your loved one and bring a smile to their face! So, be sure to send them some love and get in touch for further details - or visit our website to browse our selection!

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