Why Letterbox Gifts Are The Future Of Corporate Gifting

Corporate Gifts don’t sound very exciting on the surface, but that would be far from the truth. Corporate Gifting can actually be very personalised thanks to the relationship between employer and employees. Most managers have a pretty good idea of what their employees like/dislike, and since the pandemic began in 2020, it’s been more important than ever to keep staff feeling appreciated and valued - even when they are working from home. 

Corporate Gifting used to be tricky and stressful, but it has been changed forever, thanks to the invention of Personal Letterbox Gifts. You may be wondering what makes Letterbox gifts so good and why you should consider them? 

Corporate Gifting Has Always Been Important to Businesses.

There are plenty of reasons why business owners may want to give their employees a surprise pick-me-up. Corporate Gifting can actually help with: 

  • Establishing trust
  • Showing your appreciation
  • Celebrating company culture with your clients and partners
  • Continuing to propel the business relationship forward
  • Creating new business relationships

The act of giving employees Corporate Gifts can, in reality, be seen as an investment in some ways. For example, it is so much cheaper to retain staff than fully replace them, and by using corporate gifts, you can keep your team engaged and excited by your business, thus saving you money in the long run. By keeping employees happy and feeling appreciated, they will be much more likely to stay with the company instead of leaving and finding another job someplace else. It’s a win-win for everyone involved!

They can also help with well-being too, as it can give a much-needed boost to your employees who may be struggling with their health, reminding them that you genuinely care about them and are looking forward to welcoming them back! 

How the Market Changed During the Pandemic.

During the first lockdown in 2020, the public was ordered to stay home by the Government in order to help stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Since we weren’t allowed to visit our friends and family, we had to find new, unique ways to keep in contact and show that we were thinking about them. Introducing the boost in Zoom’s popularity and all the other facetime apps that allowed us to do just that, but what could we do about sending them gifts during birthdays, Christmas, and every other special day?

Well, the best solution was Letterbox Gifts! Letterbox Gifts allowed us to send virtual hugs to the people we care deeply about when they need it most, be it during their special day or even if they were just recovering from the virus. Being sized for letterboxes, it kept the risk of contact to a minimum, allowing people to keep their loved ones safe even if they were high-risk. Letterbox gifts massively grew in popularity thanks to their ease of ordering, the ability to add personalised messages and the wide range that became available. 

Corporate Gifts at Monty&Ridge!

At Monty&Ridge, we have helped countless businesses to send meaningful gifts to their staff without the stress and hassle of traditional gifting. To place a Corporate Order, you simply fill out our Corporate Enquiry form with your name, email and message, and we will get in touch with you to discuss your requirements. We can sort you with as many Corporate Gifts as you need, whether it be for 10 or even 100 employees, and ship across the UK!

Our most popular corporate gifts include the Ultimate Corporate Relaxation Vegan Letterbox Gift, Ultimate Corporate Wellbeing Letterbox Gift For Her, Ultimate Corporate Maternity Leave Hamper, and Ultimate Corporate Wellbeing Letterbox Gift For Him. Each one is designed to treat your employees to a hamper of items that they will truly love and appreciate, and they include handwritten messages, which give a lovely personalised touch.

Corporate Gifts are very good for strengthening your relationships, building customer bases, showing appreciation, and treating clients. It is easy when you order with us as we will pack our gifts with love and care and then send them out for delivery as soon as we possibly can. 

The Benefits of Letterbox Gifts.

In general, Letterbox Gifts come with great benefits, such as:

  • They fit through a letterbox
  • They cater to all tastes
  • They’re thoughtful
  • They last
  • They’re sustainable

As mentioned, Letterbox Gifts do exactly what they say on the tin - fit through the letterbox! This is beneficial for employees who are out of their homes as they will come back to a nice surprise, while businesses can easily take in large deliveries as they are lightweight and compact.

Whether you’re looking to gift a vegan, man, woman, or someone who is heading off on maternity leave, these Corporate Letterbox Gifts will be right up your alley no matter what! We make sure that everyone is catered for.

The fact that they’re personalised also shows your employees just how thoughtful you are, and since they are able to last, your employees can savour the gifts and enjoy them over the course of a few weeks! Finally, they’re sustainable - something we’re sure they will also greatly appreciate too!

Surprise Them With a Monty&Ridge Corporate Gift!

Monty&Ridge is jam-packed with unique, quirky and meaningful Corporate Gifts that are perfect for employees who deserve a treat! We make Corporate Gifting as easy and stress-free as possible and are on hand to answer any questions you may have. We believe you can still have a personal touch even when you can’t deliver a gift yourself, so get in touch for further details or find out more on our website today!

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