What Are Letterbox Gifts?

Did you know that gift-giving is believed to date right back to the Palaeolithic period when cavemen gave small gestures to others who had accomplished something for their tribe? Ever since then, we have continued to surprise loved ones with presents in order to build and reinforce relationships, show our love and devotion, help others, and surprise partners.

Recently, gifting has started to take on some new and exciting twists and turns, including the rise of the Letterbox Gift! This style of gift really stole the limelight during the Covid-19 outbreak, and they are still growing in popularity. 

What Are Letterbox Gifts?

A Letterbox Gift is exactly what it says - a slimline box filled to the brim with goodies that are cleverly designed to fit through most UK letterboxes! They can contain anything and everything you can think of, whether it be sweets, accessories, helpful supplies, or other small treats. Many have themes, and others are chock full of a variety of random but thoughtful items. Whatever they may be, Letterbox Gifts are incredible since there are options for everyone! 

At Monty&Ridge, for example, we have Adventure Boxes, Recovery Boxes and Special Occasions Boxes that are all specially designed for the many different people in your life. For example, the Ultimate Running Letterbox Gift is made up of various different items that a running enthusiast would find useful when they need a little pick-me-up. Our handmade ‘Restore’ bath salts are one such item that’s perfect for a nice bath following a tough running session! 

Our focus is on creating letterbox gifts based on a wide variety of interests, hobbies and situations so people can show their loved ones how well they know and understand them. We hate useless, unwanted gifts, and that is why we are on a mission to create letterbox gifts packed with value that we know people will love.

Why Have Letterbox Gifts Become So Popular?

Ever since the pandemic, we have had to resort to new methods of gift giving here in the UK. Considering we all had to follow the ‘Stay at Home’ lockdown rules for such a long period of time, we had to cancel plans of meeting up with loved ones for various special occasions. That meant not being able to give any gifts or even small gestures of love face-to-face.

However, Letterbox Gifts became a simple solution to the predicament we were all in! They were a great way to give people affected by Covid-19 a little boost during their self-isolation periods - a lonely and often depressing time. As they are packed with treats, they are helpful and thoughtful. Not just that, but we ensure that our boxes are sustainable too!

Everything found within our Letterbox Gifts is designed to be used and loved. This is why they have continued to grow in popularity post-pandemic!

What Are The Benefits That Come With Purchasing A Letterbox Gift? 

  • It’s designed to fit through the letterbox!

With Letterbox Gifts, you don’t have to worry about them not being at home to receive their surprise as it can be delivered through the letterbox. This not only saves them from having to wait around at home for the delivery, but it also prevents them from getting stuck with an annoying “We tried to delivery, but you weren’t home” card and a trip to their local sorting office. Plus, it means the postage costs aren’t as high as larger parcels - a win-win for everyone. Letterbox Gifts are sleek and easy to give while also having that same ‘Wow’ factor.

  • It's a very welcomed surprise!

Imagine coming home to a goody box of everything you love - what an absolute dream!

Letterbox Gifts are universally loved by everyone. In fact, we dare you to find someone who doesn’t like them because they are that good! A surprise can help turn someone’s bad day into a fantastic one in the blink of an eye, simply by treating them to a few of their favourite things and showing that you care.

  • It’s packed with value!

One of the best parts about Letterbox Gifts is the number of goodies that are included. Receiving one gift can be tremendous, but multiple gifts all packed into one is even better! The variety also helps since it creates a notion that the gift is not one singular thing.

When they open their Letterbox Gift, the contents will explode out of their container and shock them with how much value can be packed inside!

  • It’s super personal!

Finally, it’s important to note that Letterbox Gifts are incredibly personal between the sender and the recipient. This makes the gift that much more special, rather than anything boring and traditional like socks, flowers or chocolates. They show you have put extra effort into finding something they will love.

There may be a hobby you both enjoy, or it could be something you know they really love. You can find letterbox gifts that encourage and support their interests and passions, showing how well you really know them. This way, you can also be sure to give them something that they will actually use!

Surprise Them With a Monty&Ridge Letterbox Gift! 

Monty&Ridge is jam-packed with unique, quirky and meaningful Letterbox Gifts that are absolutely perfect for all of your loved ones! Letterbox Gifts require very little effort on your part but are incredibly impactful either way, and you can even include your own message, which we will transcribe in our own handwriting! Send them some love today and get in touch for further details or go to our website to browse.

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