What Are The Best Letterbox Gifts For Sports Lovers?

If you have a fitness fanatic friend or family member, a gift focused on their hobby could be an incredibly useful and thoughtful present. The only problem is most people already have everything they need for their favourite hobbies (it’s rare you’d find a yoga lover who doesn’t already have a mat or a swimmer without a swimming cap), so what can you get them that they will appreciate and not already have? 

This is where letterbox gifts can prove to be the perfect solution - packed with goodies that tie in with their hobby and enhance their passion but are useful and sure to be adored. At Monty&Ridge, we have themed our boxes around a wide variety of activities, such as running, cycling, triathlons, swimming, watersports, and many more.

But with all these choices, it could get overwhelming, so we’ve created a guide showcasing our most popular gifts so you can find the perfect present without any fuss.

For the runners, our most popular option is the Ultimate Running Letterbox Gift which is generously filled with a whole bunch of incredible goodies! For £29.95, you’ll receive luxury bath salts, safety pins, hair bobbles, energy gel, vegan sweets, eco shampoo, three herbal teas, a protein sachet and a protein snack. There’s so much to enjoy!

When your sports buddy opens it up, they’ll be blown away with the value that’s packed inside, with treats for both during their runs and afterwards. After a long run, the best medicine is a nice hot bath, and our Epsom bath salts include cedarwood, eucalyptus, black pepper and spearmint for a relaxing experience that feels and smells amazing. Pair this with a cup of herbal tea and the eco shampoo, and it’s bound to create an experience like no other. 

As for cyclists, the Ultimate Cycling Letterbox Gift is without a shadow of a doubt the best sports present you can get at just £33.95 - especially due to all the items included inside! Handmade bath salts, safety pins, anti-chafe cream, energy gel, vegan sweets, eco shampoo, a coffee bag, a protein sachet, a protein snack, and hand warmers are all packed inside, creating the gift that keeps on giving.

With our bath salts, you can ensure your loved one has everything they need for when their quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves are aching after a long cycle, and the anti-chafe cream helps to keep them protected from becoming uncomfortable or sore on rides. This is perfect for any cyclist!

Triathlons are the ultimate endurance sport. So what better way to treat someone who loves them than with the Ultimate Endurance Sport Recovery Letterbox Gift?! Priced at just £21.95, this letterbox gift will help any endurance athlete perform well at their next triathlon. It includes bath salts, eco shampoo, an instant ice pack, three herbal teas, a protein sachet and a delicious snack.

The instant ice pack will come in super handy after a triathlon, and so too will the herbal teas, which can help them to relax and unwind. Whether they’re preparing for a triathlon or recovering from one, this is the perfect sports gift!

Swimmers will love our Ultimate Swimming Letterbox Gift due to all the lovely items we pack inside. For the low price of £24.95, you get handmade bath salts, hair bobbles, energy gel, vegan sweets, eco shampoo, a coffee bag, protein snack, and eco moisturiser. Any of these are helpful after a long, hard swimming session.

To combat the effects of chlorine on your body, our eco moisturiser is the perfect product to keep your skin soft! Using it can also have restorative effects too, perfect for when you’ve just gotten out of the swimming pool. All sports lovers adore our nourishing eco shampoo. It’s a refreshing end to a workout that leaves your hair looking and feeling amazing. 

Lastly, for those watersports addicts, our Ultimate Watersports Letterbox Gift is just the thing you’re looking for and is only £29.95! Included inside are bath salts, eye masks, vegan sweets, anti-chafe cream, a hot chocolate sachet, a protein snack, hand warmers, and an eco shampoo pouch. If it’s surfing or any other watersport they are addicted to, then this is the letterbox gift for you!

These watersports can be tiresome, and they’ll work up an appetite, so our vegan sweets are sure to go down a treat, as will the protein snack. If your watersports lover struggles in the colder months, the hot chocolate is going to blow them away, and the hand warmers will fast become their favourite essential! 

Treat Sports Lovers To A Monty&Ridge Letterbox Gift This Summer!

Monty&Ridge is jam-packed with unique, quirky and meaningful Letterbox Gifts that are absolutely perfect for those who love sports! Letterbox Gifts can be gifted to you (if you need a treat), but you can also send one to surprise your sports buddy and bring a smile to their face! So, send them some love this Summer and get in touch for further details - or visit our website to browse our selection!

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