Summer Gift Guide For Runners

Deciding on the right gift for your loved one can prove to be a difficult task. But getting them something that ties in with their passion is bound to go down a treat! Runners can be very hard to buy for since their hobby doesn’t require an awful amount of equipment or products. 

During summer, some people like to go running with only their smartphone and smartwatch by their side, so you need to think outside the box to find products that they will love and use! There are a few items out there that any runner would adore and that, more often than not, they will always need.

Whether it’s to make their runs that little bit easier or to enhance their rest days, we’ve found the best gifts for runners this summer and put them into this helpful guide.

  • Hydration Products

Hydration is so important, especially during this time of year! When out running, you need to remember to drink more water since the heat of the sun will dehydrate you quickly. Any products that offer a better or easier way to stay hydrated would be well appreciated. There are plenty of different types of water bottles out there for you to choose from.

However, there are also hydration packs which you can attach to yourself, so you never have to reach for your water bottle. This also adds to your performance since you waste less time having to stop for a drink. Another idea is to buy a pouch which could store a small water bottle somewhere on their body.

  • Letterbox Gift

With a running letterbox gift such as the Mini Running Letterbox Gift, Running Letterbox Gift, or Ultimate Running Letterbox Gift, this summer will be an absolute breeze to get through! These letterbox gifts are designed specifically for runners, so you can be assured that it’ll be a hit no matter what the occasion is - a birthday or just a treat!

Each feature a number of items that help with recovery, such as the Epsom bath salts, which will help soothe those aching muscles after a hard session of running in the summer heat. That’s not all either, as we also throw in some protein items to help improve performance and other handy products that they’ll surely make full use of.

  • Sun Protection

Speaking of that summer heat, why not pick up some unique gifts for runners in the form of sun protection products like high-end sunglasses built for running or even a sports cap? Whatever it is, your running buddy will be more than thankful for the gift since they’ll find their summer runs to be much more enjoyable as a result. 

One of the main gripes many runners have when running in the summer is the sunburns you get on the back of your neck. Anyone can forget to bring their sun cream with them, but by getting them a good sun cap designed for runners, they can ensure their neck is completely covered. This will be a lifesaver!

  • Wish Bracelets

If you are looking for something a bit more sentimental but with a running-themed twist, we have just the thing. Our wide range of wish bracelets has a design perfect for anyone. We have one for the 5k lovers out there (5K Runner’s Wish Bracelet), another one that should put a smile on anyone’s face (‘Slow & Steady Wins The Race’ Wish Bracelet) and many more too. Maybe get a matching pair for the both of you?! These are perfect running gifts for her, so be sure to pick one or two up!

  • Performance Items

Finally, gifts that’ll help with their performance are bound to be loved. Everyone wants to beat their PB, so having those little extra advantages - whether that’s in clothing or anything else - can make all the difference. There are performance caps that are more breathable or lightweight than others, as well as other items like protein snacks that can help to keep them energised.

A hamper with treats like energy gel and hair bobbles is a great running gift too. Little products can go a long way! A better pair of running trainers could be helpful too if they’re more lightweight than their current pair. Or you could even get some books that feature inspirational tips to help them along the way!

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