Letterbox Gift Info Tab

There will be no invoice in your box

As most of our boxes are delivered as gifts, we do not include paper invoices in the parcels. Instead, these will be sent to you electronically. Therefore, please include your name in the note so that they know who the lovely present is from!


Your letterbox gift box will not be double wrapped

Please note that these are letterbox gifts intended to be delivered directly to the recipient. To remain eco-friendly and to ensure our boxes fit through the letterbox, the box is not double-wrapped. This means the shipping label is attached directly to the outside of the box. If you would like to discuss how we can wrap it for you such that the address label is on an outer layer, please get in touch and we can arrange this for a small fee.



Our ULTIMATE boxes will fit through most standard letter boxes, but due to the number of items in them (lots!) and the corresponding size of the box, they may not fit through some smaller letterboxes. If you would like to be certain of the box fitting, look for one of our other boxes without ULTIMATE in the title as these are smaller, and are guaranteed to fit.



For those gift boxes that include an optional wish bracelet add-on, the charm will come on a random coloured waxed cotton thread. Want a specific colour of thread? Choose between peach, aqua, navy, cream or black, and let us know at checkout. Please note, our bracelets are one-size-fits-all and can be cut to size upon receipt. 



Depending on stock levels, there is a possibility that the brands or flavours of some items in your box may be different to those pictured. However, any replacements will be of equally good quality and just as nice!